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ZOCA Container Security - Taking Container Security to the next level!

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ZOCA Container Security offers an innovative solution to asset security and tracking and tracing options.

ZOCAThe ZOCA service has been developed with the value of the cargo, the security and durability of the assets used in mind, whether ISO containers or (truck) trailers.
Our implementation strategy is focused on supporting and strengthening existing protocols and processes. 

Implementation time and effort of Supply Chain Security measures should be as restrictive as possible in order not to disrupt daily operations. The ZOCA service can be fully operational within one working day as there is no local infrastructure required.

The ZOCA Container Security service offers added value to every logistical and security operation. The integrated solution, including secure back office processing and live intervention, provides our customers with real time information.

The ZOCA Container Security services are designed to ensure cargo integrity, full audit reporting options during the complete trip from origin to destination, world wide.

As part of the implementation we support and guide the customer through a number of steps to make sure using the security service is seamlessly integrated in every day operations:

  • Describe the impact on the current and/or future processes
  • Execute one or as many trial runs as necessary to test the process
  • Evaluate the trial to adjust processes where necessary
  • Set up a protocol for follow up on service calls, alarms and interventions

Pricing of the service is made easy and understandable, ZOCA Container Security only charges on a "per trip" basis. The hard- and software is made available on a basic service subscription fee for the contract period.


Container Security Box (CSB®) a GSM/SMS based solution

ZOCA offers a specific, patented container security solution; the Container Security Box or CSB® from Rainer Koch Kommunikation GMBH, (www.koch-kommunikation.de), for wich ZOCA Container Security BV is an authorized reseller.

zoca csbSecurity and monitoring of valuable cargo in company owned, leased or rental trailers requires specific telematics devices.
This device can be fixed or operate independently during the entire journey and can be fully integrated with the ZOCA Container Security locking service.

The system detects unauthorized attempts to remove the device as it detects unauthorized attempts to open the container or trailer.
In that case an alarm will be raised and relayed to our control room where appropriate action will be taken immediately.

Next to that it is possible to send out routine messages like when the next predefined destination is reached (loading and off loading point). Every message carries a time and date stamp as well as geographical coordinates (GPS based).
The device operates in environmental temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius.
The principle behind the CSB®:

The device operates on the following parts and principles:

  • GPS location and data transfer by SMS via the GSM network through a board computer
  • Every message has a time and date stamp
  • Attempted removal of the board computer will set off an alarm through a digital input channel of the board computer
  • Opening of the container is registered through an infrared sensor inside the container.
  • Opening of the container can be authorized at particular times; subsequently the alarm will not go off.
  • The casing fits within the corrugated profile of any standard ISO container
  • The CSB® is mounted with two strong magnets of 500N each which can only be released with a special tool or affixed permanently.
  • The passive IR sensor is attached inside the container with magnets or permanently and covers the complete container interior.

ir detector

The other solution is based on Inmarsat-D satellite communication with very similar specifications. This solution is suited for long range tracking in remote areas or areas with no GSM coverage.
Additional features are logging of temperature, speed, heading and so on.

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